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Maggie Lin

| Co-President

Maggie is a senior at Havergal College and is honoured to be the Ontario Provincial Co-President. She loves participating in case competitions, and the finance aspects of business. She's excited to work with FUSE and it's values of inclusivity. With FUSE, she hopes to make business education more accessible to all. Outside of FUSE, she likes to bike and skateboard.


Barton Lu

| Co-President

Barton is a senior at A. Y. Jackson Secondary School, and is humbled to serve as FUSE ON’s Co-President. He was drawn to FUSE for its mission to advocate for business curricula rooted in real life case studies, rather than theory. Barton is fascinated how different sectors of business can come together to create a cohesive, million-dollar idea. He enjoys making music and writing in his free time.


Immanual Huang

| Director of External Affairs  

Immanuel is a senior at The Woodlands Secondary School and is ecstatic to be the Director of External Affairs for FUSE ON. He is highly involved in music, playing flute in concert band, piano in jazz band, and is currently picking up guitar. Since his first case competition in his freshman year, he has become increasingly interested in the business world, and especially its intersection with technology. He hopes to share this passion with others around the province through FUSE.


Tony Cao

| Sponsorship Coordinator 

Tony is a senior at Abbey Park High School with a passion for business and accounting. He enjoys having political conversations and networking with professionals. This interest helps him spearhead communications as an External Affairs Executive for FUSE ON. Through connecting with businesses, students, and sponsors, he aims to expand the scope of FUSE’s mission and make business curriculum accessible for all students. For downtime, Tony enjoys playing chess and badminton.

John Liu

| Sponsorship Coordinator

John is currently a senior at St Robert CHS and is delighted to serve as a Sponsorship Coordinator for FUSE ON. Whether it is a case competition or entrepreneurial venture, John’s passion for business has grown throughout the years. In his spare time, John enjoys bouldering, biking and playing soccer. He looks forward to making a lasting impact and sharing FUSE’s values with his fellow peers.


Candice Huang

| Director of Marketing 

Candice is a Grade 11 student at the Bishop Strachan School. She is beyond excited to serve as the Director of Marketing for FUSE ON. Candice is interested in the intersection of art and business. She has participated in various activities related to business and is looking forward to providing more opportunities to Canadian youth. You can often find her exploring with a camera, binge watching Netflix shows, and listening to music. Candice is thrilled to be a part of the FUSE family and looks forward to all the future FUSE events!


Ryan Hu

| Director of Logistics 

Ryan is a senior at Markville secondary school and is ecstatic to be serving FUSE ON as the Director of Logistics. Ever since attending FUSE conferences as a student, he has been absorbed in finances and business management and influenced his decision to apply as the Director of Logistics at FUSE. He is going into engineering at the University of Waterloo and aspires to work in silicon valley as a software engineer in the future.On his free time he enjoys playing soccer, walking his dog and working on cars.

Valerie Phu

| Director of Human Resources

As a senior at William Lyon Mackenzie Collegiate Institute, Valerie is thrilled to be FUSE's Director of Human Resources for this year. From entrepreneurship to business law, Valerie has held a special place for all aspects of business in her heart. Through FUSE’s various initiatives, she hopes to provide opportunities and business literacy to aspiring youth. Aside from FUSE, you can catch her exploring all of Toronto’s eats, drinking bubble tea and listening to Daniel Caesar!


Jessica Peng

| Event Coordinator  

Jessica is a senior at Dr. Norman Bethune who’s serving as an Event Coordinator for FUSE ON. She’s passionate about all things business but more prominently entrepreneurship, innovation, and sustainable/philanthropic business. Being involved with FUSE, she’s able to explore the non-profit sector while also providing opportunities for youth to gain the skills they need to become tomorrow’s leaders. Outside of FUSE, you can find her studying at Starbucks or drinking Cocos while working on other non-profit projects. Jessica is delighted to be apart of FUSE Society this year and thrilled to connect!

Sarah You

| Academic Developer  

A senior student from Richmond Hill High School, Sarah is proud to serve FUSE ON as one of its Academic Developers. Passionate about numbers, she aims to push towards her peers a love for finance and financial applications in statistics. Whenever she is not immersed in gaining financial knowledge and spreading it to others, she is usually found exercising, painting or playing video games.


Iknoor Rawal

| Event Coordinator 

Iknoor Rawal is a senior enrolled in the IB program at Glenforest Secondary School. She is humbled to work alongside the FUSE Society team as an Event Coordinator. She believes it is crucial to expand learning outside of our traditional classrooms and wishes to increase business-literacy among high school students. Iknoor is ecstatic to hold memorable and knowledgeable events for FUSE members this year. During her free time, Iknoor loves to paint, bake, and play the ukelele.

Shirley Ren

| Academic Developer 

Shirley is a senior at Markham District High School and she is excited to serve her second year as the Academic Developer for FUSE ON. She is passionate about raising business literacy amongst high school students and wishes to share her experience with case competitions and opportunities. When she's not working on cases for FUSE or brainstorming topics for the next Medium article, she can be found baking, reading, or raving about how much she loves boba!

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