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FUSE Society is a federally registered, youth-led non-profit that exists to bridge the gap between academia and the real world. Founded in 2016 by two Vancouver high-school students, FUSE promotes business literacy by distributing free, case-based learning tools to high school business classes. We are an organization that branches across 3 provinces: Alberta, British Columbia, and Ontario. Boasting members from over 15 schools, we have engaged over 400 students to date at our case competitions and events and are rapidly expanding.


Dedicated to fostering the next generation of leaders in business and entrepreneurship, FUSE Society works to provide youth with relevant, hands-on training in various industries through case-based projects. Furthering business literacy is our core goal, with its impact measured through the number of students engaged in our services. Our programs stress the applications of business knowledge, preparing students for a world outside of the traditional four walls of a classroom. We strive to help youth gain hands-on experience through case competitions, consulting projects, and more while collaborating with corporate startups and companies.

The analytical, cognitive, and presentation skills each member gains are invaluable assets that are applicable to a countless range of careers. Challenging youth to think critically, communicate confidently, and develop innovate solutions to real-world problems, our hope is that FUSE graduates will become change-makers.

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