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Erica Zeng

| National Lead & BC President

Entering her senior year at Port Moody Secondary, Erica is honoured to serve as the National Lead and B.C. President for FUSE Society. Ever since attending her first business case competition on a whim, she’s been captivated by the intricacy, creativity and complexity of entrepreneurship. Over the span of numerous experiences as a delegate, Erica has come to realize the applicability of entrepreneurship in any career sector. This is why she strongly believes in FUSE’s mission of creating pathways for accessible business education for all youth. Erica is excited to show everyone what FUSE has been working across Canada.

Cassidy Lee.jpg

Cassidy Lee

| Director of External Affairs 

Embarking on her senior year at Little Flower Academy, Cassidy is beyond honoured to serve as the Director of External Affairs for FUSE this year. Ever since discovering the world of business through her opportunities with startup companies, Cassidy has been entranced by the intricacy and applicability of the business sector. From entrepreneurial summer camps to business case competitions, Cassidy has found a passion for business, commerce, and marketing. Outside of FUSE, Cassidy can be found experimenting with film photography, catching the latest sunset, or learning how to upcycle thrifted clothing. She looks forward to FUSE’s initiatives this year and is ecstatic to provide access to business literacy for youth across the country. 

Chris Moon.jpg

Chris Moon
| Sponsorship Coordinator  

Ever since his first step into the world of business in grade 9, Chris has been captured by the allure and riveting experiences of business. Now in his senior year at Fraser Heights Secondary, he aims to bring the same joy and experiences that he had received to others all over the lower mainland. With years of experience in case competitions, Chris waits with excitement to show everyone what FUSE has been working on. In his free time he likes to explore the city with friends, spend hours mining diamonds and going for drives. Chris hopes that everyone will have a chance to shine through FUSE. 

Charlotte Lemon.jpg

Charlotte Lemon

| Sponsorship Coordinator 

Charlotte is a junior student at Windermere Secondary passionate about marketing, branding and user experience design in business. She is excited to serve as Sponsorship Coordinator on the FUSE Society BC Executive team this year and is looking forward to improving accessibility to business education in the Lower Mainland. In her spare time, you can find Charlotte competing in case competitions around Metro Vancouver, experimenting with graphics and working on marketing campaigns for various events and projects. Also, she cannot go a week without her beloved bubble tea! Charlotte is greatly excited to meet everyone at the next FUSE event!

Joseph Lim.jpg

Joseph Lim

| Director of Human Resources

Joseph is an IB student at Pacific Academy and is ecstatic to serve as the Director of Human Resources for the FUSE Society BC Executive team! Ever since attending business case competitions, Joseph has been captivated by the marketing, finances, and management aspects of business. Joseph enjoys business case competitions as they allow delegates to think of an innovative solution to a realistic problem while considering aspects of feasibility, impact, and relevance. In his spare time, Joseph can be found playing the cello, binge-watching K-Pop, and eating late-night snacks. Joseph is looking forward to meeting everyone at future FUSE initiatives!


Bryan Guan

| Director of Logistics 

Bryan is a junior at Point Grey Secondary and is delighted to be the Director of Logistics. He deeply values FUSE's mission of creating pathways for accessible business education for the youth of Canada. After his introduction to case competitions three years ago, Bryan has come to admire the business career path increasingly, and wishes to continue pursuing business in post-secondary and beyond. Bryan's fellow executives, with their boundless creativity and passion, motivates him to bring you a most successful iteration of FUSE Society yet. 

Clement Huang.jpg

Clement Huang

| Event Coordinator  

Clement is a senior at Fraser Heights Secondary School and is honoured to be serving as the Events Coordinator at FUSE Society. Having been introduced to the world of business two years ago, Clement has found passion in case competitions, accounting, and economics. Outside of FUSE, Clement can be found going on late night drives, exploring the city with friends and hanging out with Chris Moon. He hopes that through his involvement with FUSE Society, he will be able to teach the tips and tricks that he’s learned from past competitions to students across the Lower Mainland. Clement looks forward to seeing everyone at our next event!

Elizabeth Park.jpg

Elizabeth Park

| Event Coordinator 

Elizabeth is a senior at Port Moody Secondary and is honoured to serve as an Events Coordinator for FUSE BC this year. Having attended her first business case competition a year ago, she has delved into her interests in management, business ethics, and microeconomics. She has then been dedicated to making a difference in the place in which she has learned so much from. Aside from FUSE, Elizabeth can be found competing in business case competitions, volunteering in her local community, and surfing on SoundCloud for underground indie tunes. Elizabeth is looking forward to meeting you all and hopes this year’s FUSE events will be an unforgettable experience for all delegates!

Rina Zhuang.jpg

Rina Zhuang

| Director of Marketing 

As a senior at Dr. Charles Best Secondary, Rina is beyond ecstatic to be serving as the Director of Marketing at FUSE BC. Ever since her first terrifying, yet thrilling business case competition, Rina has found a prominent passion in marketing, commerce, and entrepreneurship. She hopes that through her involvement with FUSE Society, she can help bring the same enthusiasm attained from her business pursuits to fellow students nationally. In her free time, she is commonly found binging TV Shows, building Pinterest boards, and tripping over inanimate objects. Rina is eager to meet all delegates in future events!

Orianna Lui.jpg

Orianna Lui

| Graphic Designer

Orianna is in her junior year at Windermere Secondary and is thrilled to serve as this year’s Graphic Designer for FUSE BC. Since being introduced to the world of business two years ago through her school’s marketing group, she has been enthralled by the intricacies of marketing, management, and commerce. Outside of FUSE, Orianna can be found coaching local sports teams, drawing in cafes, or stress-baking pastries for her friends. She hopes all future delegates have a truly memorable time at the next FUSE event!

Justin Yan.jpg

Justin Yan

| Director of Academia  

Since joining FUSE Society as an Ambassador two years ago, Justin has only grown more interested in developing himself through developing others. He is entering his senior year at Windermere Secondary and is honored to serve as the Director of Academia for FUSE BC. This past year has included creating an entire high school curriculum, writing multiple case studies, and writing articles that take a deeper dive into the world around us. He cannot wait to see more students across British Columbia learn about business, and participate in FUSE events.

Emily Leong.jpg

Emily Leong

| Academic Developer 

Emily is a senior student at Gladstone Secondary in Vancouver. Since attending her first business case competition last year, Emily's passion for business has grown tremendously. As a student attending a school that is unable to provide a business education to its students, Emily understands first-hand how crucial it is for students to gain key business skills. She hopes to one day pursue a career in finance. Outside of FUSE, Emily loves to paint, draw, and create art with all sorts of media. When she isn't procrastinating or stressing out over her workload because of said procrastination, Emily likes to explore the Metro Vancouver area with friends. 

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