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Alice Hu

| Co-President

Alice is a Grade 12 student at William Aberhart High School and is the Co-President of FUSE Society’s Alberta branch where she hopes to make business education more accessible to all youth interested. A lover of European history and reading, she also loves art (watercolour specifically), photography, dance, and listening to music. She is also co-founder of her school’s Science Club and a dedicated volunteer at the local zoo, incorporating her love of animals and science into her extracurriculars. She will be heading to the University of British Columbia next year for a Bachelor of Applied Science and hopes to get an MBA in the future. A passionate and caring individual, she hopes to one day become a biomedical engineer and open up her own startup to help those in medical need through engineering. 


Azaad Gill

| Co-President

Azaad is currently a Grade 11 IB diploma student studying at John G Diefenbaker Highschool. Azaad is honoured to serve as one of the Provincial Co-Presidents for FUSE AB in its inaugural year! Azaad intends to go into the field of business or law in his future. Outside of FUSE Azaad enjoys a plethora of extra curriculars. He can be found anywhere from planning youth award ceremonies, to discussing with the Mayor as a member of his Youth Council to even camping with his Vent Troop. Azaad aims to make Alberta a capital for youth opportunities especially in business through FUSE.   


Yashriya Lohcha

| Director of Logistics  

Yashriya is in her Grade 12 year at Western Canada High School. She is the logistics lead for FUSE where she works in the planning of some of our events. Her love of logistics and planning can be seen in the somewhat ridiculous amount of time she spends building in the Sims 4, making sure that every detail, down to the blinds, are perfect. She has also been competing as a debater in the high school circuit since Grade 7 and has worked in the logistical aspects of many of the tournaments that run at Western.


Khushi Vora

| Events Coordinator 

Khushi is a Grade 11 student currently attending Sir Winston Churchill High School. Her passion for learning about business sprouted through seeing entrepreneurship and business in her family at a young age and she is thrilled to be sharing business enrichment opportunities to youth by being a part of FUSE AB. Although she is most likely one of the smallest people you will meet, she has great ambitions when it comes to what she hopes to achieve in her life. She strongly believes that becoming more knowledgeable about business is an asset, no matter what you choose to pursue in life. Outside of FUSE, she is actively involved in her school and she enjoys volunteering in the community, painting, and cooking a delicious meal in the kitchen.


Grace Zhou

| Director of Human Resources

Grace is currently a Grade 11 high school student studying at Sir Winston Churchill High School in Calgary, Alberta. After participating in entrepreneurial programs and working with industry professionals, Grace is now intrigued by a career regarding business and finances and she is passionate about making an impact by inspiring others to learn more about business. She appreciates the opportunity to help improve the accessibility and relevance of business education in junior high and high school demographics. In her free time, Grace enjoys competing in robotics tournaments, practicing piano and photography. 


Riane Long

| Director of Marketing 

Riane is currently a Grade 11 student at Western Canada High School studying under the IB diploma program and is honoured to be serving as the Director of Marketing for FUSE AB. She loves learning new things and believes that gaining knowledge in the business field can help people in many different aspects of life. Outside of FUSE, she can be spotted reading a good book, learning a new language, or experimenting with art, cooking, baking, and music. Riane is looking forward to helping expand FUSE and accomplish its mission to create business learning opportunities to youth across Canada. 


Sujit Peramanu

| Director of Finance  

Sujit is a Grade 11 attending Western Canada High School. Sujit was introduced to FUSE by a friend and was instantly excited at its potential. He is an avid participant in business and debate and those skills helped him in getting a role as the executive of finance for FUSE society Alberta. Over the course of several months of FUSE’s operation in Alberta, Sujit has been looking forward to being an integral part of the team, raising finances, and working to expand FUSE. Some of Sujit’s hobbies include computer science, piano, and debate. Sujit is excited to increase the awareness of business within the youth community.


Tim Vong

| Academic Developer 

Tim is a Grade 10 IB student at Western Canada High School. He is thrilled to serve as the Academic Developer for the FUSE AB Executive team! Tim has a passion for business; he loves the humanities and aspires to be a lawyer in the future. Aside from FUSE, Tim can be found playing ice hockey, cheering for the Calgary Flames, competing at debate tournaments, or participating at Model UN conferences! Tim looks forward to increasing accessibility to business education in Alberta through this year’s virtual FUSE AB National Business Program.

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